Alpheus 'Good Prevails' Album Vinyl LP

Alpheus 'Good Prevails' Album Vinyl LP

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Alpheus' Album 'Good Prevails' Album released 27 May 2014, in Vinyl LP format. 

14 pearls of Jamaican soul featured in the album entitled ‘Good Prevails’, produced by Alpheus partner Roberto Sanchez and powered by the Lone Ark Riddim Force, the great Rocksteady and Reggae backing band.


A1 Our Strength

A2 Open Your Eyes

A3 The Right One

A4 Look In The Mirror

A5 Good Prevails

A6 Rudie No More

A7 Secret Rendezvous

B1 Pass The Test

B2 Reach For The Top

B3 Show Some Love

B4 Stand Up

B5 Liberty

B6 The Shadow

B7 Soul Food